This is a simple project for testing embeds of content from the Fediverse (in this case, currently Mastodon and Pixelfed) using different tools and methods.

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Mastodon Toots
Toots are straightforward to embed (Mastodon's API supports oEmbed, and it has an embed code option on the default web UI), timelines need a bit more work.
Mastodon Timelines
There is no built-in support for embedding a timeline directly from Mastodon, so some work with the API is required. Good opportunity to learn the API, and to build something new! ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ
One additional useful thing to know is that Mastodon timelines also have RSS feeds as standard: [instance]/users/[username].rss - for the sake of example, mine is - this means that you can plug this in to any widget that styles an RSS feed on a site, for example (although it might not look quite the same as a "proper" timeline on a Mastodon page), or, you can build a component to use the data from there and style it as you prefer. Handy info!
Image posts (Pixelfed)
The Pixelfed API is similar to Mastodon v1; it does not offer an oEmbed endpoint (that I have found). Pixelfed has Atom feeds for user timelines (not RSS) - they are at [instance]/users/[username].atom

I've included a Fediverse sharing button on some of the pages.
Learn more and read the code that does this by boopsing on the fishies below! โคต๏ธ or, look at the GitHub project (the same code, but needs to be deployed to a web server).
Remix on Glitch

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